7 Free Online Tools For Writing a Paper

In This Blog, Learn 7 Free Online Tools For Writing a Paper


Are you in need of engineering assignment help? If so, then this blog is just for you. Here you can learn about the best tools to draft a good assignment. However, to avoid mistakes, it is crucial to learn about the paper's essentialities. Thus, below listed are the best tools that will boost your writing.  


Get last minute assignment help with the below-listed online free tools. 


  1. TOGGL 

TOGGL  is a time-tracking app that is easily compatible with your phone or computer Time-tracking has been an excellent advantage of this tool and will track the time that you took to complete a work. 



TODOIST is an organiser and project management tool that comes as an app and browser version. With this, you can organise your projects and schedule them for a specific day. It also tracks your productivity, i.e., how many tasks you have completed. 


  1. FOREST 

With a Forest, you can start planting a virtual tree whenever you want to focus. It grows from a bit of plant to a full-grown tree. The tree dies when you pick up your phone and leave the app. In this way, you can build your forest representing the time you have spent on focused work.



If you're looking for synonyms, thesaurus.com is the best online platform for thesaurus help. It divides the synonyms based on different meanings of the word and indicates the relevance of the synonym by using three shades of orange. 


  1. ZOTERO 

There are a few reference managers to choose from, some of which cost money. On the other hand, ZOTERO is free, open-source, and lacks functionality. Zotero helps to save references from your browser, organise them in folders and tags, and create bibliographies with the right style. You can also build a citation library with your co-authors or share your library with others. 


  1. TRELLO 

TRELLO is an excellent project management tool for managing various writing projects. Thus, you can create a writing pipeline and track the writing tasks for a particular paper or proposal. In addition, TRELLO is easier to learn and use than other project management software. 



Focusmate is an app to help you stay focused. Instead of gamification, the concept of Focusmate is based on social accountability. For example, you schedule a 50-minute virtual coworking session with another Focusmate member, turn on your webcam when your session starts, greet your temporary co-worker and get to work silently. 


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